About Us

Khavar Pouya Group started its primary activity in 1987,with the aim of export and import.

By the time being and getting more experiences and finding commercial partners out of the country, established its subsidiary companies at the first in Germany, then Dubai and afterwards in Armenia, Malaysia and Georgia in order to facilitate in its activities.it also established construction, agricultural and industrial companies.

Subsidiary companies of Khavar Pouya Group always have a direct activity in most national and private projects and is also simultaneously a producer and exporter of agricultural products, and by relying on the modern technology could have a extensive export in addition to supply domestic needs and hereby acquire honors and certificate of appreciation, although the main activity of group which is commerce, still has been continuing seriously.

At the moment, Khavar Pouya Group, has readiness of sharing it`s human resources, financial and experiences with both foreign and domestic companies in all fields including Civil Projects, Industrial, Agricultural and trade or cooperate with them as an advisor
member of board georgik ashegh,CEO hovik danilian,Chairman meisam tanha